torsdag 25. september 2008


My dearest Ipod Embla – it’s all so quiet, it`s all so still.
I am usually not that kind of person who gets attached to my things. I fall in love with beautiful places and I highly appreciate spending time with other people and with my friends. But things have been different with my Ipod Embla, That silver colored small thing has almost been a kind of extension to my personality. Or maybe just like a friend. I loved her so much, she would follow me every step of the way, and together we have travelled the world. When ever I am feeling down she would play happy music, she helped me trough a broken heart, and even to find love. All the long runs we have taken together, I have made the most important decisions in my life with Embla by my side.
Embla and myself has been trough some good times, but off course we had our ups and downs, I have been insanely mad sometimes, especially when she runes out of power when I had a long way home. And a few time she was not even a slightly interested in corporation. But I realize now that I have done some mistakes to, so I am sorry Embla for not updating you as often as I should have. And maybe I should have run some anti virus programs once in a while. I would have if I could do it all again.
It all started a few weeks ago, Embla was acting weird and she could not list the music anymore, but I did not care. I loved her despite her small faults; I even had to charge her twice as often. She had a few injuries as well, but she was still so full of music, she played everything from Aerosmith to opera, to Jan Teigen to Bjork. If I only had known she was playing her last song.
There was a rainstorm in Hong Kong today, and even though I held her close to me, inside my so called water proof Haglofs jacket, she got soaking wet. And her old electronics could not take it. I heard the tones getting blurrier as I tried to dry her, and begging her to still fill my life with music. But it was too late. I am now taking you to a place where you can be properly recycled. And I guess I have to learn about how to use my music phone. Well anyway I will never forget the last song you played for me.
A whole lot of love – Led zeppelins
Thank you

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